WILT (2016)
48 Hour Film Festival 2016 - Savannah, GA
Co-Director, Co-Writer, Editor
This project is a slight departure in the genre of film that I typically make -- but in the spirit of the competition, we shot the cards we were given. HOWEVER! I loved working on a triller type. I love to watch Thrillers, but never thought I'd make one. It was a blast! Had a great cast and team. 
Will definitely work in this genre again.  
Spectrum (2013)
Director, Writer, Editor
This project was the Senior Thesis of my friend and roommate Austin Kite. He had this story floating around for a while -- we actually shot a version of this story once before. He trusted me with the script and direction, and I think it turned out really well. Really loved this project!
By and By (2012)
SCAD Senior Project
Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Actor
I wrote this script with a buddy from my first college, based off of a song a friend from Vidalia wrote. I really enjoyed working in the western style -- we even shot on 16mm to give it a natural/grainy look.

A Promise (2012)
A SCAD Directing the Narrative class project
Producer, Director, Editor
My friend Mackenzie Roberts and I worked on this together for class -- she helmed the Production Design (and knocked it out of the park!) while I directed. It was first time directing a project of this size and I really loved it. We did this whole thing in less than 10 weeks!

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